On 11th May 2009 the FK Austria Wien museum was opened. The chair, the board, the president of the Austrian Football Association Dr Leo Windtner, the General Director of the Austrian Football Association Alfred Ludwig, the city councillor in charge of cultural affairs Mag. Dr Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, Chairman of the Bundesliga Georg Pangl, former WFV President KR Kurt Ehrenberger as well as many Austria Legends attended the opening.

Gerhard Kaltenbeck, member of the board of trustees, Michael Kohlruss, head of clubservice and merchandising and Austria archivist Dr Erich Krenslehner had oversaw the museum project which is adjacent to the fan shop. On 150 m² there is an exhibition of artifacts, trophies as well as our club’s tradition. In addition, there is also a fascinating overview of our history which we can rightly be proud of.

On wall charts with a length of 40 metres all together present our history divided in decades and the “family silver” is displayed in showcases.

Many showpieces were provided by former players and loyal fans from their private collections. Over the years many memorabilia disappeared or fell victim to world wars or relocations.

Adjacent to the museum you can visit the “Hugo Meisl Memorial Room” in which original pieces of furniture of Hugo Meisl’s Karl-Marx-apartment, in which he resided with his family in the 1930s, are displayed.  Many exhibits of the time of the Wunderteam as well as “the life of Hugo Meisl” in the form of a tree of life tell the story of the unique work of the Austrian football expert.

Key dates of the museum:

  • 2009 beginning of the work on design
  • exhibition area 130m², Hugo Meisl Memorial Room 20m²
  • 150 exhibits in 10 wall charts and showcases are displayed
  • the museum is open to the public during opening hours of the megastore
  • guided tours can be booked. Please register in the megastore or online on our website
  • guided tours before home games
  • entrance fee: 4 Euros, concession 3 Euros, tickets available at the cash desk of the megastore
  • Generali Arena, Horrplatz 1, 1100 Vienna, Entrance: East-Grandstand, GET VIOLET megastore
  • opening hours megastore: Mo-Fr 9am – 6pm/ on match days only booked guided tours
  • special guided tours: 10 people minimum/by arrangement

Information about registration for guided tours of the museum

Registration by phone on +43 (0) 1 688 01 50 170

payment is due before the guided tour in the megastore

meeting point for guided tours in the GET VIOLETT MEGASTORE (East grandstand/Generali Arena) – 1.5 hours before kick-off at home games.

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