Club of Legends

The opening of the Club of Legends of FK Austria Wien on 19th September 2012 was marked by happy faces, hearty embraces, anecdotes of back in the days. There was an atmosphere that will be found again at every home game of the Violets.

FK Austria Wien called and many followed its call. Herbert Prohaska, Hans Löser, Toni Pfeffer, Vladimir Janocko, Ernst Baumeister, Andi Ogris, Helmut Köglberger and many more. We cannot list them all here but it is easy to imagine how even more exclusive the circle of friends you can meet at FK Austria Wien has become.

The idea for the Club of Legends was born by Gerhard Kaltenbeck on the occasion of 100 years FK Austria Wien. Many attended the gala in the civic centre of Vienna in November 2011, but also the numerous events to mark the jubilee. Memories and stories were swapped. Many former Austrian players turned up to celebrate with their old club. This was the birth of the idea to create a permanent platform for merited former Austria players and to establish the FK Austria Wien Club of Legends.

The Club of Legends was launched on 19th September 2012 and the club premises were opened. The president of the club is Felix Gasselich, the goal scorer of the century of FK Austria Wien, Karl Blecha, chairman of the governing board, is the patron.

Gasselich, “The past and the present must have room in our club. During my many trips overseas, I noticed how highly other clubs value their histories, and we wanted to further implement this in our club as well. Today is proof that this was the right idea. I have met many people who I have not seen in a long time. I look forward to the many conversations we will have in the future.”

One question came up: What are the criteria based on which former Austria players were entitled to call themselves Austria-Legends?

An Austria-Legend is every Austrian player who

  • won at least 3 titles (championship or cup)
  • actually played during the season in which Austria Vienna FC won the championship or the cup
  • played at minimum of 100 games forAustria Vienna FC
  • retired from his playing career


First championship seasons considered was the one in 1949/50 (first all Austrian team) and with cup games those from 1958/59 (reintroduction of the Austrian Cup).

So far, 63 still living former Austrian players and 16 already passed former Austrian players have fulfilled these criteria.

Below a list of still living former Austrian Legends:

  • Robert Sara
  • Erich Obermayer
  • Ernst Baumeister
  • Herbert Prohaska
  • Karl Daxbacher
  • Franz Wohlfahrt
  • Josef Sara
  • Robert Frind
  • Thomas Flögel
  • Andreas Ogris
  • Felix Gasselich
  • Johann Dihanich
  • Johann Geyer
  • Toni Pfeffer
  • Karl Stotz
  • Christian Prosenik
  • Manfred Zsak
  • Peter Stöger
  • Attila Sekerlioglu
  • Friedrich Koncilia
  • Günter Pospischil
  • Hans Löser
  • Ralph Hasenhüttl
  • Fritz Drazan
  • Josef Degeorgi
  • Manfred Schmid
  • Alfred Drabits
  • Thomas Parits
  • Jocelyn Blanchard
  • Horst Hirnschrodt
  • Gerhard Steinkogler
  • Sigurd Rushfeldt
  • Fernando Troyansky
  • Franz Zore
  • Arminas Narbekovas
  • Ernst Aigner
  • Horst Paproth
  • Karl Fröhlich
  • Helmut Köglberger
  • Franz Swoboda
  • Julio Morales
  • Anton Polster
  • Alfons Dirnberger
  • Hubert Baumgartner
  • Walter Hörmann
  • Tibor Nyilasi
  • Vladimir Janocko
  • Josef Hickersberger
  • Walter Schachner
  • Alfred Gager
  • Gernot Fraydl
  • Didier Dheedene
  • Markus Kiesenebner
  • Dzemal Mustedanagic
  • Michael Wagner
  • Eduard Krieger
  • Hans Pirkner
  • Ewald Türmer
  • Alfred Riedl
  • Radoslaw Gilewicz
  • Johann Buzek
  • Ernst Dospel
  • Szabolcs Safar


In addition there is Hermann Stessl’s special status as coach legend.


Our legends are invited to every home game of FK Austria Wien and we hope that they will follow our invitation as often as possible. In addition, there will be several events and meetings with the legends.

In the grandstand south there is a legends clubroom where the legends can watch the games. On days where there is no match there will be events for the legends.

The legends clubroom has comfortable violet leather sofa. On one wall there are photos of all legends, number of titles, number of games played during their time with FK Austria Wien and their active years.

On the opposite “title wall” there are boards listing the 20 championship titles of Austria since 1949/50 (the two first teams of each championship) and the 18 Cup titles since 1958/59 (final two teams and result).

Pl. Mannschaft Spiele Pkt
1. FC Red Bull Salzburg 24 32
2. SK Rapid Wien 24 25
3. LASK 24 24
4. SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz 24 22
5. WSG Swarovski Tirol 24 18
6. RZ Pellets WAC 24 16
Pl. Mannschaft Spiele Pkt
1. TSV Prolactal Hartberg 24 17
2. FK Austria Wien 24 15
3. SV Guntamatic Ried 24 14
4. CASHPOINT SCR Altach 24 13
5. spusu SKN St. Pölten 24 10
6. FC Flyeralarm Admira 24 10
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