Social, ecological and sociopolitical responsibilities

Here we are presenting you the social, ecological and sociopolitical responsibilities of FK Austria Wien.

All activities come together under the umbrella brand “Violett ist mehr” (,,Violet is more”). The CSR-management in our Club is located in its own department. FK Austria Wien is taking a leading role and stands with full commitment behind these projects.

Together with its partners, players and employees the club tries, besides the sport aspect, to have a role model effect and that’s why this CSR brand was built.

Get to know our umbrella brand as well as our key topics, Violet is environmentally conscious, Violet is social active, Violet is permissive.

Sustainable Stadium – Sustainable Football club

For the future FK Austria Wien not only took in hand in football matters but further on wants to score with sustainability. That’s the reason why in 2015 the first sustainability report from an Austrian football club was made. With this report we want to focus on our stakeholder, who are interested in the economic, ecologic and social projects of FK Austria Wien: fans, sponsors, officials, employees, players, media and many more.

S.T.A.R.- Project

The tetrastyle project includes the stadium, the training ground, the academy, as well as a regional youth center and is the biggest project in the history of the football club. With this project, we have the opportunity to invest even more in our CSR-activities. The stadium will be built very sustainable, being guided by many of the latest standards. That’s why we work together with experts from ÖGNI (Austrian company for sustainable real estate industry) on a certification after DGNB-standard. Moreover, we aspire the achievement of the climate-active standard. The Generali-Arena will be the first certificated Stadium in the German-speaking countries. The most important projects here are the construction of a photovoltaic system, top/highest energy efficiency and LED lighting, accessibility and family friendliness.

Pl. Mannschaft Spiele Pkt
1. FC Red Bull Salzburg 24 30
2. SK Rapid Wien 24 26
3. LASK 24 24
4. SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz 24 22
5. WSG Swarovski Tirol 24 18
6. RZ Pellets WAC 24 16
Pl. Mannschaft Spiele Pkt
1. TSV Prolactal Hartberg 24 17
2. FK Austria Wien 24 15
3. SV Guntamatic Ried 24 14
4. CASHPOINT SCR Altach 24 13
5. spusu SKN St. Pölten 24 10
6. FC Flyeralarm Admira 24 10
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