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The sickbay of Austria Wien clears slowly, but surely. The three injured centre-backs Michael Madl, Alexandar Borkovic and Christian Schoissengeyr are making good progress, have clear goals and describe their impressions of the rehabilitation training in the Generali Arena.

© Bildagentur Zolles KG Updates about our injured players Madl, Borkovic & Schoissengeyr
I hope I can start running soon. Michael Madl

Michael Madl

The injury: Four weeks ago, on Sunday, defender Michael Madl tore a ligament in his knee joint during the 5-1 win in Mattersburg.

Currently: The 31-year-old spends most time of his training on the Ergometer, but also begins working out in the gym.

His next goal: Start running early next week and return to team training in three to four weeks.

His voice from the gym: “I have to wear the brace at the moment for the ligament to heal properly. But I'm fine, I'm on the road to recovery, can train on the bike and strengthen my legs. I hope I can start running soon.”

My thigh is much better than it was a few weeks ago. Alexandar Borkovic

Alexandar Borkovic

The Injury: Alexandar Borkovic is suffering from a muscle injury in his thigh since the beginning of the season. In recent weeks, he mainly worked on his endurance.

Currently: The 20-year-old centre-back is already part of the team training and is doing a lot of eccentric strength training.

His next goal: Increasing the intensity gradually and get back into full training in seven to ten days.

His voice from the gym: “I'm already fully back in the team training during rondo and tactical units, other parts I have to skip and train individually with our athletic trainer Quirin Söhnlein. But my thigh and I are already doing much better than a few weeks ago,” says Alexandar Borkovic.

It feels good to come out and be on the pitch again. Christian Schoissengeyr

Christian Schoissengeyr

The injury: Christian Schoissengeyr had to undergo an ankle operation after the 3-1 victory in Graz in mid-May, since then he has been working on his comeback.

Currently: On Wednesday, Christian Schoissengeyr celebrated his comeback on the training ground, he trained with the ball for the first time since mid-May.

His next goal: Regularly train individually on the field, additional strength program and return to team training in about a month.

His voice from the gym: “It feels good to come out and be on the pitch again. The ankle healed well. I’m on the right path, now I want to get back to one hundred percent, step by step.”

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