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With Peter Stöger as second Board member on the side of CEO Markus Kraetschmer, the FK Austria Wien AG will again be led by an operative duel management. Together with Sports Director Ralf Muhr and Sports Coordinator Alexander Bade, Stöger is in charge of the entire sports department, which is now broader and more professionally positioned.

The new structure of the sports department of Austria Wien
We work together on our goal to achieve a similar level athletically as we have in infrastructure. Peter Stöger

Peter Stöger will officially have his first day as Managing Sports Director on August 1st and says: “I see myself as a team player and we are working together like a coaching team towards our goal of achieving a similar level athletically as we have in infrastructure.”

Sports Director Ralf Muhr, “I am very happy that we were able to win over Peter Stöger as a board member for Austria Wien. Our sports department has grown a lot in recent years, and there is a great deal to do in management between the individual teams, in scouting and in the implementation of game principles. We are convinced that we are now very well positioned on the management level with Peter Stöger, Alexander Bade and myself.”

New at Austria Wien is Sports Coordinator Alexander Bade, who himself was a goalkeeper for almost 20 years in the first and second German Bundesliga – amongst others at Cologne, HSV and BVB, and then worked for Cologne (goalkeeper coach) and Borussia Dortmund (assistant coach of Peter Stöger). The 48-year-old took over various other functions during his almost ten years as goalkeeper coach in Cologne.

“I broadened my horizons in Cologne, supervised the greatest talents and coordinated many areas, supervised the school, consultants and team leaders and was also a link between the A-team and the academy. I'm looking forward to my job with Austria Wien,” says Sports Coordinator Alexander Bade.

A lot of times it is important to show empathy and to give the young players the feeling that they are supported and perceived. Peter Stöger

Individual Player Development & Scouting

The first priorities have already been roughly defined: “We have some catching up to do in terms of the development of our own rookies. We want to bring them up with the second league. We also need to develop in scouting. We can also score points with our location and our philosophy in order to bring players to us,” explains Stöger, who sees many advantages in the broader team in the leading team of the sports department:

“We now have more opportunities for someone to be there in person. A lot of times it is important to show empathy and to make the young players feel supported and perceived. The coaching of the coaches is also an important point: We have to meet regularly with all Austria Wien coaches and ask ourselves, where can we help them in their personal development.”

I can concentrate fully on the administrative and economic part again. Markus Kraetschmer

The operative duo Kraetschmer-Stöger

The two board members Markus Kraetschmer and Peter Stöger manage the operating business of the AG, which is one hundred percent owned by the association, and led by President Frank Hensel. “According to our AG-statutes and the business register, there must be a chairman of the board, so there is this formal title. Peter Stöger is in charge of the entire sports department, while I can concentrate fully on the administrative and economic part, with a focus on infrastructure, digitization and internationalization. The goal is to raise the necessary funds for the entire sports sector,” explains Markus Kraetschmer.

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