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As part of the training camp, Ralf Muhr takes the time to talk about the most important topics in the athletic area of Austria Wien. The violet sports director analyses the development process of the team and explains, among other things, the plans for the scouting team.

© Bildagentur Zolles KG Talk with sports director Ralf Muhr during training camp

What are your impressions of the training camp in Belek so far?

Ralf Muhr: My impression is that our coaching and support team are making perfect use of these ideal conditions here in the training camp. This is ultimately the basis for a successful spring season. The trainings and especially the last test match indicate that clear development steps are noticeable. It will be crucial that the coaching team uses the improved staffing situation - with far fewer injuries than in the fall - to form the strongest team for the spring season.

How do you sum up the 2-0 test game victory against Dinamo Zagreb?

Honestly, I was positively surprised that with the entire squad we could not only keep up against a very good European team, but in many areas were the better team. We cannot overrate such a test match, but the fact is that we could implement a lot of the great achievements we made during the trainings.

I am convinced that he will bring us much joy – medium and long term. Ralf Muhr about Sterling Yateke

How do you perceive the atmosphere and the team structure within the team?

The enthusiasm with which the players fully participate in the training gives me a very positive feeling. I believe that we have introduced a good additional component with the team building. It's good for the boys to be challenged in the training camp, both physically and mentally. We have a good mix in the squad of many young players who are far from having reached their peak and many players who are in the best age for a footballer. The mood is great - within the team and around the team.

What's on your daily agenda in the training camp?

I use the time to talk to players, coaches and staff and I'm basically in very close contact with our head coach Thomas Letsch. At the same time, the winter training camp in Turkey, where many clubs and player consultants are present, also offers the opportunity to engage in perspective transfers beyond the winter. My most important task in the training camp, however, is to be there for our team.

So far Austria Wien has made only very small changes during this transfer time. How do you rate the current squad?

We have a well-balanced squad and a very good team. I'm totally convinced by our squad; the players know that too. We are excellently manned in the offensive and have signed an exciting young player with Yateke. In midfield we are also doubled staffed in each area - as well as in the defence.

What is your first impression of newcomer Sterling Yateke?

Yateke has already indicated in the first training sessions and in the test match against Dinamo Zagreb, what great potential he has. He is a physically strong player with a good passing play. My first impression is extremely positive. Yateke also feels at home with us. We will give him the necessary time. I am convinced that he will bring us much joy, medium and long term.

For our scouting team, we want to hire additional professional support for the squad planning of the A team." Ralf Muhr

What do you expect from the team during the spring season?

I expect to see a dominant, sovereign and strong Austria Wien during the first competitive game against GAK. In the Bundesliga, we want to reach the championship round effortlessly and then qualify for the European Cup. The training performances are very good, the implementation in the games is crucial.

What are current emphases in the athletic area of Austria Wien apart from the A team?

The plan is to further professionalize the Young Violets - the flagship of our education.

For our scouting team, we want to increase our personnel in the rookie area. In the professional sector, we want to hire additional staff support for our chief scout Gerhard Hitzel, who is very active in the area of video analysis and live game monitoring - in concrete terms this involves support in the squad planning of the A team.

We also want to further strengthen our commitment to women's football. With the commitment of coach Hannes Spilka, we have certainly made another step towards professionalisation. Of course, we want to perform well with our women's team.

In the rookie area, we will above all promote individual player development and the next infrastructural steps.

Pos. Team Games Points
1. FC Red Bull Salzburg 4 12
2. LASK 4 10
3. TSV Prolactal Hartberg 4 7
4. SK Rapid Wien 4 7
5. RZ Pellets WAC 4 6
6. SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz 4 6
7. WSG Swarovski Tirol 4 5
8. FK Austria Wien 4 4
9. CASHPOINT SCR Altach 4 4
10. SV Mattersburg 4 3
11. spusu SKN St. Pölten 4 2
12. FC Flyeralarm Admira 4 1
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