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Florian Klein looks confidently forward to the Bundesliga start of Austria Wien against WSG Tirol (Saturday, 5pm, Innsbruck). The experienced right-back talks about the victory against ASKÖ Köttmannsdorf, about the work of the new coach Christian Ilzer, the first league opponent, his goals, fitness and his new hairstyle.

© Bildagentur Zolles KG Klein: “Of course we want more”

Last Saturday Austria Wien celebrated their highest success in a cup match for 33 years (9-0 in Waidhofen/Ybbs on 19.8.1986). “Such a result gives self-confidence and is very positive for all of us,” emphasizes Klein.

This sense of achievement in the first competitive match of 2019/20 meant a lot for everyone in the Austria Wien family. “The most important thing is that we cleared the first hurdle confidently. Such games could also end up being closer, if you allow it,” says the 32-year-old.

“Despite 9-0 there are things to improve”

The ‘Violets’ did not leave anything to chance in the first round of the Cup: “We scored goals right after the start, 3-0 after half an hour, 4-0 at the break, and then it's usually time when the opponent falls apart”, summed up the right-back. Ilzer's winning mentality continued until the final whistle.

In addition to the result in Köttmannsdorf the performance was great as well, the coach’s plan was almost consistently followed. “You can never put everything into action, football is and will remain a game of mistakes. And even if you win 9-0, there are a few things that we can improve even further, step by step,” Klein explains.

Automatisms are getting better and better

Ilzer’s preferred 4-4-2 system with a flexible midfield diamond brings some change for each player. “You've already seen the benefits of this. We adjusted to the new system relatively quickly, because everyone is doing really well,” says Klein. He thinks that they are not at the end, but only at the beginning, there is still work to do, so that the automatisms will be even better.

The defensive man can’t and doesn’t want to express the team’s current performance in percentage. “After five weeks of working with a new coach, as a player you are not going to do everything exactly as he wants it,” says Klein.

This is only possible during the coming competitive games and tight games if the opponent is strong and Austria Wien is facing problems. “Then we'll see how we can react”, knows Flo from his own experiences during 268 Bundesliga matches in Austria alone (18 goals / 26 assists), of which he played 158 for Austria Wien (11/11).

Ilzer had the main focus on winning right from the start. “This is repeatedly being made clear day by day. It's always about something, be it during training or a game,” says Klein. In addition, the team has a lot of motivation, it's all very positive.

Euphoria, passion and enthusiasm for the opening win

Austria Wien prepares in great detail for the first Bundesliga opponent WSG Tirol. Klein has already seen the newcomer’s results of 2018/19, but hasn’t followed the club closely. But he knows: “A newcomer is always dangerous, because he starts with great euphoria. But we have that euphoria as well. We have to continue with the passion and intensity we showed in the Cup in order to bring three points home from Innsbruck”, our man with the number 17 appeals and explains: “We are going to Tyrol to win.”

WSG Tirol also started the UNIQA ÖFB Cup in Carinthia, defeated national league runner-up SK Treibach 2-1 under violet observation. “We have to and will prepare ourselves, it will be a close match,” emphasizes the 45-fold ÖFB team player, who is happy not to play on the small pitch in Wattens, but on the big one in Tivoli:

“Yes, not only is it better to play in a big field against such an opponent. In addition, the Tivoli is one of the most beautiful stadiums in Austria,” says the 32-year-old.

Klein reveals the secret of his fitness

Austria Wien opened the previous league season with a 2-1 against Wacker Innsbruck, since then Klein has completed all 35 other competitive matches from beginning to end. His fitness is based on several factors, he works a lot against muscle problems:

“This is very important at my age,” emphasizes Klein, who uses the training time with the team and completes individual exercises before and after. Regeneration, nutrition and regular sleep are also part of the program.

Flo is fit just like he was when he was younger and says about his physical well-being, “Thinking about my age, I don’t have any negative phenomena.” On the outside, only his hairstyle has changed. On the sides his hair is cut short, the natural waves remain on the top. “I often go swimming, now my hair dries faster,” the family man explains with a smile.

His athletic goals remain the same. Always go into a new season to win a title. “We want to play in the league and the cup all the way to the end and be on top. If we end up on third place, it would be a good performance as well. But of course, we want more,” says the 2014 Double winner (RB Salzburg).

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