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Jimmy Jeggo knows that a lot has to improve on the pitch right now. The 27-year-old Australian national team player, who feels comfortable not only because of his childhood in Vienna, talks about the changed style of playing under head coach Robert Ibertsberger and his approach to the last seven finals for the European Cup.

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The starting situation before the home game against LASK is clear. For the targeted third place seven games before the end we are missing three points. Austria Wien stayed clear of its own expectations in recent weeks, while the European Cup places are still in direct reach after the 1-1 victory against WAC.

"It is clear that we can’t be satisfied with the current situation. We know that we are very far away from our expectations. While there are some small positive developments in the new system, it's not the time to talk about it, we're not preparing anymore, now we're only counting points, now we have to pull it together on the pitch," says Jimmy Jeggo who is fully embracing the fight for Europe in the coming weeks and is mentally prepared:

"We are still able to reach the third place; we really want it and it remains our goal for this season. It's difficult when you lose games week after week to take positive things with you for the next few games. It is clear that even if we reach the third place now, we will not look back and say: That was a good season."

Against WAC Austria Wien was, after yellow/red for Edomwonyi, outnumbered after the 38th minute and fought for the 1-1 draw and the first point in the third championship group game. Jeggo missed the game after his fifth yellow card, was represented by Vesel Demaku and watched the game as a spectator.

"Up to the suspension we have been the better team. Then we made it more difficult for ourselves with the red card. We cannot be satisfied with this game, but on the bright sight we have not allowed much even outnumbered."

This game system fits Austria Wien and the players

The new 3-4-3 system under head coach Robert Ibertsberger and the changed playing style are very accommodating to the team, although the positive development steps have not yet been reflected in the results. "We now rather want to combine in the back and push the short passing game. That suits our team very much. It sounds weird because the results do not fit at all, but there is a positive development - even against WAC it was clear that we played better in the back and create more chances," said Jeggo.

Three finals in seven days

Against LASK these positive approaches are to be converted into a home victory. "LASK has a very robust and powerful team. In the first two games this seasons we tried to play like LASK - this time we will focus more on our own strengths. We feel better because we have more ball possession, defensively, we have also become more compact. But now only results count, that's clear to us," explains the 27-year-old.

Three days after the game against LASK - on Wednesday – the game against St. Pölten (7pm) and four days later, the game away against the Lower Austrians. "It's about so much. The next few weeks are crucial. The fans are always important, now more so. We know that our fans are dissatisfied with what's happening on the field and how the team plays. We understand that too. It's up to us to change that."

The Viennese roots of the Australian Jimmy Jeggo

Jeggo has been playing for Austria Wien since last summer, switching from league rival Sturm Graz to ‘Favoriten’. But Austria Wien was a career goal for much longer. Jeggo grew up in Vienna as the son of British parents, learned to play football at SV Schwechat. Austria Wien was always a desired goal:

 "As a child I have seen how other players have made the leap from Schwechat to Austria Wien - for example Horvath or Hadzikic. I've always thought that's where I want to go.” When Jeggo was just ten years old, Austria Wien contacted his parents, who then moved to Australia together with Jimmy for professional reasons.

By the way, the 27-year-old celebrated his national team debut as a ‘Violet’. Last November, Jeggo came on as a substitute in the 3-0 victory against Lebanon. In December and January, Jeggo was in the 23-man squad of the ‘Socceroos’ in the Asian Cup. "The first game for the national team has been a big goal for many years - it's nice to have done that. Of course, I would have loved to play again at the Asian Cup, but such a big tournament was a great experience. I had a month to prove I'm an option for the future."

Pl. Mannschaft Spiele Pkt
1. FC Red Bull Salzburg 22 24
2. LASK 22 21
3. SK Rapid Wien 22 20
4. RZ Pellets WAC 22 19
5. SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz 22 16
6. TSV Prolactal Hartberg 22 14
Pl. Mannschaft Spiele Pkt
1. FK Austria Wien 22 12
2. CASHPOINT SCR Altach 22 12
3. FC Flyeralarm Admira 22 9
4. WSG Swarovski Tirol 22 9
5. SV Mattersburg 22 9
6. spusu SKN St. Pölten 22 8
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