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Austria Wien will play the first competitive game of the new season in Köttmannsdorf on Saturday, 5:30pm in the first round of the Cup. Alex Grünwald talks about the start of the season in Carinthia, about coach Christian Ilzer, his game idea, the preparation and his new look.

© Bildagentur Zolles KG Grünwald: “Giving it everything from the first second”

For the first time since the spring of 2015, at that time a 3-0 victory against WAC with "Grüni" in the semi-finals, the record Cup winner will play in the southernmost state. For Grünwald, who was born in Klagenfurt, this is of course something special.

“I know the club and also two players,” says Grünwald, who has no doubt about the goal. “We are going to win. There is no friendship during these 90 minutes.”

“Dominate, perform well and celebrate a clear victory”

During the game against the fourth in the fourth national league, they want to “dominate the game, perform well and celebrate a clear victory,” emphasise the ‘Violet’. It’s is legitimate that David wants to annoy Goliath.

“The opponent would be out of place, if he would not want to achieve something”, Grünwald understands the announcement of the hosts, this year celebrating their 60-year club anniversary. Their chairman Hans Jenesko announces: “We want to annoy 'Favoriten’ more than 2015 and score our first Cup goal.”

The Carinthians were inferior to WAC and lost 0-6 during their ÖFB Cup premiere four years ago. Grünwald promises, “We will be giving it everything from the first minute and certainly not underestimate the opponent.” Because for Austria Wien the Cup keeps being a big goal, which the club has already won 27 times.

“I want to win another title with Austria Wien”

“It is an important competition for us, we take it very seriously and we want to achieve the best,” explains Grünwald, adding, “The Cup offers a chance to achieve something big after six games. I want to win another title with Austria Wien.” Grünwald became Champion with the ‘Violets’ in 2013.

With the 3-1 against the Queens Park Rangers the last hard test for this year's Cup opener went great last Friday in the Generali-Arena. A day later with the 5-0 against SV Gaflenz, the six test matches with five wins, one narrow defeat and 33-5 goals were concluded with satisfaction.

“It was good during some stages, but we wanted to dominate more.” ALEX GRÜNWALD

“Good approaches” against QPR

“Against the QPR you could see very good approaches. We wanted to implement what the coach specified. It was good during some stage, but we wanted to dominate more,” Grünwald sums up the match against the second-league club, which had very good players in its ranks.

All in all, the performance was very good, but we should not overstate the match. “The game on Saturday is about the advance in the Cup, that’s when we have to be fully present”, emphasizes the captain, who prepared the important 2-1 win against QPR with a nice pass after the break.

In the first four-week preparation under our new coach Christian Ilzer, a lot has already happened. This concerns the transition game, the pace, the game with and against the ball, the clear game philosophy, the intensity and the passion.

“We did not perform well last season, so we had to change. There were a few things we had to work on. That's what we did,” explains Grünwald, talking about the team's new face for the new season.

“We have not reached our zenith yet”

From week to week they were able to do more of what the coach asked of the players. "We have not reached our zenith yet, but it was a good start. You can see that our game looks better,” says our left footer. That's what they want to show again in Köttmannsdorf.

It will be the Carinthian’s 243rd competing game for the ‘Violets’ (62 goals / 54 assists), the 27th in the ÖFB Cup (9/8) - the game will probably be play in the new 4-4-2 system with a midfield diamond. “I'm back in my favourite position in the offensive midfield and feel very comfortable there,” says Grünwald satisfied.

Hierarchy, chemistry and structure are right. Alex Grünwald has been confirmed by the new head coach as captain and together with Florian Klein and Michael Madl he is one of the leaders in the squad. Grünwald wants to return Ilzer’s confidence in him through performance.

“I think that every player is giving everything. The most important thing is that we are all prepared to work in the right direction.” Grünwald also has a new look for the 2019/20 season, during the summer his hair turned blond. “The sun on vacation”, he jokes and clarifies, “Jimmy (Jeggo) said I should look like him, that's what I did.”

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