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CEO Markus Kraetschmer is supporting the team in the training camp in Belek and uses the time for individual conversations. In an exclusive interview he talks about athletic goals, projects in the areas of infrastructure, digitization and internationalization, as well as about the permanent exchange with Austria fans and about the aspiration and style of Austria Wien.

© Bildagentur Zolles KG Kraetschmer: The future plans of Austria Wien

What are your impressions of the training camp?

Markus Kraetschmer: My impressions are very positive throughout. The hotel and the training grounds offer perfect conditions. I particularly like how concentrated, meticulous and detailed work is done here. You can tell that the team is becoming a stronger unit after the upheaval during the summer. Together with the coaches and assistants, real teamwork can be observed.

We have a clear ambition to work out an overall solution around the area of the Austria Academy. Markus Kraetschmer

What do you expect from the team in the spring?

We want to go back to the European Cup. Everyone in the club will do everything they can to achieve this goal - as I emphasized once again in my speech to the team Friday evening. Of course, the Cup Final at home in the Generali-Arena is an extra motivation. We can’t forget that we made extreme changes during the summer, which were necessary and in which we changed the sports director, the majority of the team and parts of the team of supervisors. I expect and wish that the automatisms in our game, which in some cases did not work so well in the fall, will now be developed further in the training camp and then implemented in the games. If the daily, meticulous work continues in its current form, this will succeed.

Let's talk about infrastructure. What is the current status in terms of Academy Extension and Regional Rookie Centre?

Still open are the A. and R. of the S.T.A.R. project. We have a clear ambition to work out an overall solution for the Academy Extension and the Regional Junior Centre around the area of the Austria Academy. We are in ongoing discussions with everyone involved. This is currently one of our most important projects. It is crucial that we push this forward, especially as we are losing the training pitches and parking lots behind the East Stand, where the new ‘Ballsportgymnasium’ will be built as part of the ‘Violapark’ project.

Let's move on to digitization. In December, a digital partnership with Bayern Munich was announced (click here for the report). What does this mean for Austria Wien fans?

This is a very big project, in which, simply put, we are reshaping our digital infrastructure. The athletic sector is also benefiting from our digital partnership with Bayern Munich, as it will enable us to further improve data collection and data management and allow trainers to work more effectively with the players - this is already partially happening here in the training camp. We will also use these digital possibilities in the scouting area and in the academy, right up to the youngest Austria Wien rookie. These are small pieces of the puzzle that will provide us with extremely valuable basic data in the future.

In our daily work, in our daily occurrence, there are smaller and larger signals that underline our aspiration and our style. Markus Kraetschmer

Let's talk about internationalization. In mid-January, a large meeting of the European Club Association (ECA) with more than 30 top international clubs took place in the Generali-Arena. How did Austria Wien benefit from this meeting?

We were very pleased that we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our participants about our event location. Many international clubs - even bigger ones like Arsenal, Manchester United or Barcelona - were very impressed with our infrastructure. Also, extremely valuable for our development was the exchange of know-how between our division managers and the executives of over 30 clubs. In the course of this it has been confirmed that we are on the right track, but at the same time there is still a long way to go. We have a clear plan, if we continue to consistently implement this plan, we will be successful. We have done a lot and I am convinced that we will soon earn what we have seed.

In the run-up to the opening of the stadium, Austria Wien has listened intently to the fans in order to optimally organize the event in the new Generali-Arena. There is also an ongoing feedback process. What is your interim conclusion regarding this?

I consistently get positive feedback from our fans. Basically, we have achieved our goal to guarantee a modern, family-friendly, comfortable and safe stadium experience. But we knew from the beginning that this will be an ongoing process, ultimately it is crucial that people feel comfortable with us. Optimizing the stadium experience engages several departments in our office. Basically, we get very positive feedback, we mostly discuss smaller - but not less important - topics. We recently had a meeting with all our fan clubs, where we discussed some details at the East Stand.

There was a long branding process. How did you perceive the response to the slogan aspiration and style so far?

It was very important to us that we deal with brand sharpening. To be honest, I am positively surprised by the presence of the slogan, which is already being used as a yardstick in individual cases. For example, during the Ski trip for our sponsors or at the fan club meeting, I often heard the critical question: Is this the aspiration of Austria Wien? Or the positive approval in relation to a concrete activity: That’s the style of Austria Wien. In our daily work, in our daily routine, it is about smaller and larger signals that underline our aspiration and our style. In my speech to the team in the training camp, I also tried to explain why this is so important. Due to its tradition, history and uniqueness, Austria Wien simply does many things differently than other clubs. Aspiration and style must be recognizable in all areas of Austria Wien.

Pos. Team Games Points
1. FC Red Bull Salzburg 4 12
2. LASK 4 10
3. TSV Prolactal Hartberg 4 7
4. SK Rapid Wien 4 7
5. RZ Pellets WAC 4 6
6. SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz 4 6
7. WSG Swarovski Tirol 4 5
8. FK Austria Wien 4 4
9. CASHPOINT SCR Altach 4 4
10. SV Mattersburg 4 3
11. spusu SKN St. Pölten 4 2
12. FC Flyeralarm Admira 4 1
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