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Michael Madl brought the home team in the lead with a header just before the break, a yellow/red card against Igor outnumbered Austria Wien. Despite goals by Flecker and Rasswalder for Hartberg, goals by Alex Grünwald, Uroš Matić and Alon Turgeman ensured the violet victory after a hard fight.

© Bildagentur Zolles KG Austria Wien fights for their victory against Hartberg

Coach Thomas Letsch made three changes in his starting eleven. Captain Alexander Grünwald celebrated his tipico-Bundesliga comeback, starting alongside Uroš Matić in the central midfield. James Jeggo was missing because of a calf injury. Dominik Prokop started instead of Manprit Sarkaria, Christoph Monschein replaced Sterling Yateke in the offense.

Hartberg coach Markus Schopp trusted in continuity, with Rajko Rep instead of Dario Tadic there was only one change in the starting line-up after the 1-1 against SKN St. Pölten.

Goal by Madl, yellow/red card for Igor

The returning captain immediately took over control, but after fifteen seconds he missed with his first shot. After a cross by Florian Klein Christoph Monschein tried a volley out of a turn – his shot went over the goal (6'). Afterwards TSV Hartberg got better into the game, Zakaria Sanogo narrowly missed Patrick Pentz’ goal from the right (20'). Alexander Grünwald turned a free-kick from the right past friend and foe, Rene Swete made the save with difficulty but turned the ball to the corner (22'). The corner-kick resulted in another corner-kick, which Maximilian Sax skilfully turned away from the goal, Michael Madl rose highest and scored with a header to the violet lead (22').

The visitors from Styria also had smaller scoring opportunities, a free-kick by Tobias Kainz went past the far corner (30'), after a cross by Siegfried Rasswalder Florian Flecker shot over the goal (38.). Igor received a yellow/red card shortly before the break, the ‘Violets’ had to go on with only ten men during the second half.

Despite the equalizer and a man down Austria Wien fought for their victory

Christian Schoissengeyr started in the second half instead of Dominik Prokop, Hartberg set with Dario Tadic for Florian Sittsam on more offensive. Christoph Monschein made the first shot of the second half, which was not a problem for Swete (46'). Hartberg equalized after a corner by Tobias Kainz and a deflected shot by Florian Flecker (52') - 87 second later Alexander Grünwald restored the lead: Bright Edomwonyi initiated a quick counterattack, the ball came via Max Sax to Grünwald, he scored with a sharp shot out of a turn (53').

Referee Markus Hameter overlooked a penalty by Michael Huber on Edomwonyi (64'), on the other side Schoissengeyr and Pentz cleared against Flecker (67'). Vesel Demaku came into the match for Alex Grünwald in the 70th minute and shortly after prepared a dream goal by Uroš Matić: Our number eight scored in the upper corner from about 20 meters – 3-1 for Austria Wien (71').

Rasswalder scored for TSV Hartberg after a cross by Kainz (81'), but substitute Alon Turgeman, who replaced Edomwonyi in the 88th minute set the record straight: after a counterattack initiated by himself and a cross by Sax, the Israeli scored the 4-2. A crazy game was decided, the ‘Violets’ move up to the 3rd place in the standings of the tipico-Bundesliga.

FK Austria Wien - TSV Prolactal Hartberg 4-2 (1-0)

Austria Wien: Pentz; Klein, Madl, Igor, Martschinko; Sax, Grünwald (70' Demaku), Matić, Prokop (46' Schoissengeyr); Edomwonyi (87' Turgeman), Monschein

Hartberg: Swete; Blauensteiner, Huber, Siegl, Rasswalder; Kainz, Sittsam (46' Tadic), Chernegg (69' Kröpfl); Flecker, Rep, Sanogo (78' Skenderovic)

Goals: Madl (22'), Grünwald (53'), Matić (71'), Turgeman (88'); Flecker (52'), Rasswalder (81')

Yellow cards: Igor (26'), Edomwonyi (64'); Rep (79')

Yellow/red card: Igor (44')

Generali Arena, referee Markus Hameter, 8,422 spectators

Pos. Team Games Points
1. FC Red Bull Salzburg 31 49
2. LASK 31 37
3. RZ Pellets WAC 31 28
4. FK Austria Wien 31 27
5. SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz 31 24
6. spusu SKN St. Pölten 31 21
Pos. Team Games Points
1. SK Rapid Wien 31 32
2. SV Mattersburg 31 28
3. CASHPOINT SCR Altach 31 25
4. FC Flyeralarm Admira 31 22
5. TSV Prolactal Hartberg 31 19
6. FC Wacker Innsbruck 31 17
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