Bundesliga 02.09.2019, 09:46 Uhr
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Rapid took the lead early through Thomas Murg, Christoph Monschein equalized soon after. A deflected shot by Taxiarchis Fountas provided the 1-2, Aliou Badji scored the 1-3 during stoppage time.

© Bildagentur Zolles KG 1-3 – defeat against Rapid

Christian Ilzer had to do without the suspended Erik Palmer-Brown and started against SK Rapid with a flexible five-line in the defence. Florian Klein and Caner Cavlan started in the full-back. Stephan Zwierschitz, Maudo Jarjué and Johannes Handl formed the centre-back. In midfield James Jeggo returned to the starting eleven, Max Sax replaced Dominik Fitz.

SK Rapid also had some players missing in the defence, Dalibor Velimirovic celebrated his Bundesliga debut in defensive midfield. Tobias Knoflach replaced the injured goalkeeper Richard Strebinger. Kohya Kitagawa started up front instead of Aliou Badji.

Early goals on both sides

The game started unpleasant; Thomas Murg used a cross by Philipp Schobesberger for the early lead of the guests from Hütteldorf (7’). But the numerous Austria Wien fans in the Generali Arena did not have to wait long for the equalizer: Christoph Monschein sprinted into a back pass by Mateo Barac, passed Knoflach and scored the 1-1 (10’).

After the initial phase was left to Rapid, Austria Wien took over command after their goal. After a corner by Caner Cavlan Alexander Grünwald came to a finish, but his header missed the goal. Knoflach cleared a shot by Monschein from an acute angle to the corner (both actions in the 19th minute). A cross by Tarkan Serbest narrowly missed the striker (22’). After that, the ‘Violets’ were lucky twice: Schobesberger missed the goal from close range, a rather random header by Taxiarchis Fountas hit the pole (34’, 35’).

Austria Wien came back into the game, Knoflach saved a cross by Florian Klein at the last moment before Monschein, the follow-up shot by Serbest was deflected to the corner by Stefan Auer (36’). Shortly after, a similar situation, again a sharp cross by Klein, Maximilian Sax came one step too late (39’).

Christian Ilzer changed his system before the break, Dominik Prokop came into the game for Jarjué, Handl and Zwierschitz now formed the central defence in a 4-4-2 system. Without further chances the half time break started with a 1-1.

Rapid scored again, Austria Wien had to admit defeat

The second half began unfortunate, a shot by Fountas was deflected by Johannes Handl unsavable for Ivan Lučić, this happed after a handball by Auer (51’).

Alexander Grünwald shot a free-kick towards the corner of the goal - Knoflach turned the ball over the bar, a shot by Prokop went over the goal (55’). A counterattack over Prokop and Sax was finished by Monschein, but he failed on Knoflach (59’). For Maximilian Sax the game was over, Alon Turgeman came into the game. Ilzer made his last change with Bright Edomwonyi for Tarkan Serbest.

Johannes Handl extended the ball after a corner by Cavlan, Knoflach was defeated, but Auer cleared the ball on the line (74’). Shots by Schobesberger and Arase passed the goal on the other side (76’, 77’). Monschein’s last finish went past the goal (90’), during stoppage time a shot by substitute Aliou Badji caused the 1-3.

FK Austria Wien - SK Rapid Wien 1-3 (1-1)

Austria Wien: Lučić; Klein, Handl, Jarjué (39’ Prokop), Zwierschitz, Cavlan; Serbest (75’ Edomwonyi), Jeggo, Grünwald, Sax (61’ Turgeman); Monschein

Rapid: Knoflach; Auer, Dibon, Barac, Ullmann; Murg (75’ Knasmüllner), Velimirovic, Schwab, Schobesberger; Kitagawa (80’ Badji), Fountas (68’ Arase)

Goals: Monschein (10’); Murg (7’), Fountas (51’), Badji (90’+4’)

Yellow cards: Jarjué (13’), Prokop (50’), Monschein (57’); Ullmann (49’), Fountas (59’), Barac (61’), Auer (88’)

Generali-Arena, referee Harald Lechner, 14,615 spectators

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